New Mexico HamWAN

We are moving on to the the next step of the NM HamWAN project and that is to become HamWAN Certified.

From the start we had the network assigned to the project and is part of the Internet network 44 ( known as the AMPRNetâ„¢. But until just recently was not routable on the Internet.

We now have a working IPIP tunnel gateway. Ultimately we are looking, with the right ISP and sponsor, to be direct connected using BGP.

NM HamWAN is based on the HamWAN Standards and with the IPIP gateway up and running and being on the Internet we are now ready to get our system HamWAN Certified.

One requirement is that a ham must be able to use the HamWAN Client Node Configuration.

Client Node Configuration is the minimum requirements to connect a node. There could be additional location specfic information that could be applicable and that additional information will be published at this site. All other other technical information will be at the HamWAN Wiki. At this time the Wiki is under reconstructions so be patient.

We are also moving our web server to the network.

In that process we had a choice of setting up a new Wordpress system and move over the old content or do something else. Considering that most of the heavy technical stuff is consolidated at the HamWAN Wiki we don't need any fancy stuff. I was considering just a static home page (like this) with links. However as the always forward thinking Ryan Turner at Memphis HamWAN already have done to their website is to go static using jekyll.

For now it's static here and I will probably implement the hooks and get the github connection too.

Now we just need someone produce content at same rate as Ryan at Memphis HamWAN

73 de N5HC NM HamWAN